Fara Warner is currently a contributing writer to Fast Company magazine and a frequent contributor to Forbes Asia, The New York Times and other national publications. A former Wall Street Journal reporter, she now speaks internationally on topics including women and economic freedom, women's impact as consumers and their growing importance in the global economy. She was recently named the Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan School of Communication Studies.

Women make 80 percent of all buying decisions. They control $7 trillion in purchasing power. By 2010 they'll control more than $13 trillion in private wealth. And that's just in America. Globally, women's soaring economic power is changing business forever. Some remarkable companies are on the leading edge of this revolution. In The Power of the Purse, business journalist Fara Warner goes behind the scenes at McDonald's, Kodak, The Home Depot, and others to reveal how these companies transformed the way they think about today's powerful women consumers — and then transformed their business. From Kodak's leap from fourth to first place in the digital camera business to DeBeer's creation of a $4 billion right-hand ring category, all have succeeded by rethinking everything about how they do business with today's most important consumers.

"Finally, the book about marketing to women I've been anxiously awaiting. It moves beyond theory and offers meaty case studies that should wake up any sane person — including males (!) — to the world's #1, largely untapped marketplace opportunity. There is no longer the faintest excuse for not marching quick time toward toward full-bore implementation."
Tom Peters, author of several business bestsellers including In Search of Excellence, The Circle of Innovation, and Re-imagine!